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Clifton, Australia

Lake Clifton Thrombolites

An impressive site containing some of the earth’s rarest living fossils.
Lake Eacham, Australia

Lake Eacham

A pristine crater lake 12,000 years in the making, with waters like cut glass.
Mortana, Australia

Murphy’s Haystacks

These oddly shaped pink granite formations got their name after being mistaken for massive piles of hay.
Worsley, Australia

Wellington Dam

This 86,000-square-foot artwork is the largest mural in the world to cover a dam.
Busselton, Australia

Busselton Jetty

The longest timber-piled jetty in the world has an underwater observatory.
Melbourne, Australia

'The Public Purse'

This giant, granite purse is one of Melbourne's most unique and distinctive pieces of public art.
Melbourne, Australia

Marionette Fob Watch

Every hour a secret compartment drops from this giant pocket watch, revealing a lovely surprise.
Melbourne, Australia

Phar Lap

Taxidermy of the racing horse with a huge heart, who inspired hope in the Depression.
Melbourne, Australia

Diana and the Hounds Fountain

A striking bronze sculpture of a Roman goddess with two hound dogs for company.
Melbourne, Australia

The Dolphin Fountain

Somewhat controversial when first unveiled, this gathering of sea creatures has become a hidden gem.
Melbourne, Australia

Model Tudor Village

A historic model village was gifted from residents of London to Melbourne as thanks for their help during World War II.
Melbourne, Australia

Captain Cook's Cottage

The 18th-century home was disassembled into 253 cases and brought all the way from the other side of the world.
Melbourne, Australia

Fairies Tree

A whimsical menagerie of creatures carved into a 300-year-old tree trunk.
Melbourne, Australia

The Limelight Department

A cramped wooden attic that once housed one of the world's first movie studios.
Melbourne, Australia

Princess Theatre

One of the oldest theaters in Australia, it's also said to be haunted by a performer who died on stage.
Guildford, Australia

Dr. Russell's Imaginarium

This antique store and museum features unusual items from all corners of the world.
New Orleans, Louisiana

Starting Point of the First Mardi Gras Parade

In 1857, the Mardi Gras parade tradition began at this intersection.
Cossack, Australia

Cossack Historic Town

This once-thriving coastal area is now a preserved ghost town.
Paris, France

Fourier's Fourth Apple

A giant silver apple a day keeps the perils of capitalism away.
Penong, Australia

Penong Windmill Museum

A tiny town's spinning, whirling propeller collection holds Australia's largest windmill.
Nullarbor, Australia

Old Nullarbor Roadhouse

This restored station garage allows visitors to step back in time at this remote outpost on the Nullarbor Plain.
Kojonup, Australia

Giant Wool Wagon

This large replica wagon tells the story of the booming wool industry in this small Australian town.
Hovea, Australia

Swan View Tunnel

This 1800s former railway tunnel is now part of a heritage walking trail.
Broome, Australia

Broome Japanese Cemetery

The final resting place for many Japanese divers who tragically lost their lives in the Australian pearling industry.