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Szolnok, Hungary

RepTár Szolnok Aviation Museum

A museum of Hungarian military aviation in the middle of a small city.
Schnecksville, Pennsylvania

Bison of Trexler Nature Preserve

An American industrialist hoped this nature preserve could help save the North American bison.
Leiden, Netherlands

Het Roze Huisje (Pink House)

This 17th-century house has a long and colorful history.
Athens, Greece


The Lobotesis family has been baking some of the best savory pies in Athens since 1910.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

AdAmAn Alley

An unexpected alley with light shows and nature views.
Sponsored by Visit Colorado Springs
Dailly, Scotland

Dalquharran Castle

The ruins of this magnificent Scottish castle blend both Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles.
West Chester, Ohio

EnterTrainment Junction

A 25,000-square-foot display with dozens of model trains in intricate miniature worlds.
Jersey City, New Jersey

Empty Sky Memorial

This haunting monument honors the victims of 9/11.
Columbus, Ohio

The Slingshot

The playful side of the Columbus community is on full display.
Cambridge, England

Snowy Farr Sculpture

An unusual artwork dedicated to a unique man that entertained people visiting Cambridge while raising money for charity.
Cambridge, England

The Eagle

The Cambridge pub where Francis Crick announced that he and James Watson had discovered the DNA double-helix.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Grave of Hubert H. Humphrey

Vice President Humphrey's final resting place is tucked away in this cemetery along with a few other notable figures.
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Marjorie McNeely Conservatory (Como Park)

Home to the Amorphophallus titanum "Corpse Flower," which is among the largest flowers in the world and also smells powerfully of rotting flesh when in bloom.
Chanhassen, Minnesota

Paisley Park

Find out what it sounds like when doves cry at Prince's recording studio estate turned museum.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hollywood Theater

The Art Deco Silver Screen.
Minneapolis, Minnesota


One of two giant blue cockerel statues erected with an intentional double meaning.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Spoonbridge and Cherry

A toweringly silly piece of modern art has been delighting locals since the 1980s.
Matlock Bath, England

Giddy Edge Path

This precipitous pathway with its wrought iron handrail was created by the Victorians as a tourist attraction.
Kearny, New Jersey

'Annie' Bridge

The drawbridge used in the filming of the movie 'Annie' has been in the open position as it was in the movie for decades.

The Intan

A private home museum with a collection of over 5,000 Peranakan artifacts.
Sherborn, Massachusetts

Emily the Cow Statue

Dedicated to a local cow who escaped a slaughterhouse and became an international symbol of peace.
Hanoi, Vietnam

Phở Xào Bà Thanh Béo

Order your phở stir-fried, sans soup.
Ōme, Japan

Showa Retro Packaging Museum

A collection of nostalgic items from the Showa era with an exhibit on the local ghost story of the Snow Woman.
Basel, Switzerland

Münster Reaction Ferry

This ferry carries passengers across the Rhine propelled by no engine or paddles but by the river's current.