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Beijing, China

Dragon Escalator

The world's longest outdoor escalator takes visitors to the top of China's largest dam and is also shaped like a dragon.
Tianshui, China

Bingling Temple

A hidden Buddhist gem accessible only by boat.
Jinhua, China

ZJNU Museum of African Culture

A museum at a Chinese university is the first of its kind in the country.
Nantong, China

China Nantong Abacus Museum

The world's foremost museum dedicated entirely to the abacus.
Shanghai, China

A.P. Xinyang Market

A labyrinth of clothing, electronics, and other counterfeit items.
Qionghai, China


Small Chinese fishing village impeccably maintained for visitors.
Xian Shi, China

Great Mosque of Xi'an

Although resembling a grand Buddhist temple, this structure is actually the largest mosque in China.
Shanghai, China

Confucian Temple of Shanghai

A prestigious learning institute of old Shanghai.
Tangshan, China

Star Islands of Qian'an

Though these human-made islands were constructed as an escape for the wealthy, they rarely see many visitors.
Chengdu, China


A collection of cafes and shops all crafted from recycled storage containers.
Suzhou, China

London Tower Bridge Replica

The Chinese have long been excellent at the art of copying, but this epic replica takes the biscuit.
Huzhou Shi, China

Anji Bamboo Museum

Home to around 40 different species, this forest was also the setting for "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."
Changsha, China

General Tso's Tomb

The man who is mainly remembered for a chicken dish he had nothing to do with is buried under a large concrete dome.
Shantou, China


China's biggest e-waste village.
Xian Shi, China

Xi'an City Walls

An ancient fortification lives on in this Chinese city.
Chengdu, China

Qin Shan Zhai

Every dish at this restaurant claims to have a health benefit.
Shenzhen Shi, China

Dafen Oil Painting Village

The knock-off oil painting capital of the world.
Kashi Diqu, China

Kashgar Livestock Market

Be careful not to get trampled at this lively two thousand-year-old market.
Yangjiang, China

Maritime Silk Road Museum

Inside this museum is an ongoing excavation of an ancient shipwreck.
Shanghai, China

Chinese Printed Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall

A small gallery and shop dedicated to an ancient style of hand-printed textile.
Xian Shi, China

Huaqing Pools

These mountain hot springs have seen power struggles, doomed romances, and a generalissimo's attempted escape from mutiny.
Bozhou, China

Bozhou Medicinal Herb Market

The largest traditional Chinese medicine market in the world sells ingredients that may make you squirm.
Jiangyin, China

Huaxi Village

The so-called "Richest Village In China" is either a model Communist town or a dystopian sham.
Hotan, China

Hotan Sunday Market

This weekly market in the remote oasis city of Hotan still has the atmosphere of the old Silk Road.