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World Records of Casey, Illinois

Casey, Illinois

The world's largest collection of the world's largest objects is in one small Illinois town.  


The otherwise unassuming town of Casey, Illinois is home to an outsized number of the world’s largest things. The odd collection of giant objects includes a giant golf tee, wind chime, knitting needles and crochet hook, mailbox, birdcage, and rocking chair—all located downtown.

With chimes suspended 49 feet above the ground, the massive wind chime stands 55 feet tall and is a sight to behold (located at 109 E Main St). The longest of five chimes is 42 feet long—nearly double that of the previous world record holder. The chimes sing gentle and deep as they strike the clapper.

On display across from the huge wind chime (at 100-198 E Main St) is the world’s largest rocking chair. This new chair, which was topped off on August 25, 2015, is 56 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighs 46,200 pounds. It beats the previous largest chair (42 feet, 1 inch tall) in Fanning, Missouri, which held the record for over seven years.

A supremely impressive construction effort, a massive mailbox (1-79 W Main St) features a door that opens and closes by means of a cable winch. It’s across the street from a giant birdcage in which you can actually swing on the perch. 

The world’s largest golf tee was placed behind the clubhouse at the Casey Country Club (203 NE 13th St) in 2013. The golf tee measures more than 30 feet from the ground to the top, with a head diameter of 6.26 feet and a shaft diameter of 2.1 feet, and is constructed with yellow pine boards held together by 60 gallons of glue and 120 pounds of screws. The total structure weighs 6,659 pounds.

Things just keep getting bigger and bigger in Casey as the latest installment is a large pitchfork at Richard’s Farm Restaurant (607 NE 13th St). At 60 feet long and weighing 1,940 pounds, this creation is be one of the new items in Casey vying for the Guinness World Record.

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