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Moonshine, Illinois

Martinsville, Illinois

Even with only two residents and one building, this tiny Illinois town is famous for its burgers.  


Harboring a population of just two people, this one-building town still manages to be a hot spot for day trippers, motorcycle groups, and events, even though to the locals, it is simply described as a “wide spot in the road.”  

Tiny little Moonshine, Illinois has a reputation, not for its titular booze, but for their delicious Moonburgers. Traditionally a dry town, the name is a bit of a mystery, but there are a few theories ranging from the idea that the little enclave is literally just named for the light of the moon; or another story that the residents named it after some fondly remembered location in Pennsylvania.

The single building in the town was originally a local grocery store, built in 1912. It was sold to Helen and Roy Tuttle in 1982 who turned it into the destination burger joint it is famous for today. The store has become such a destination that there is a log book that has signatures from folks hailing from across the globe. During one event in the tiny town, the proprietors of the Moonshine store somehow managed to serve over 2,000 of their famous burgers in a single day.  

The town sits at a crossroads, and can be approached from all angles. Some of the roads are paved leading up to it; others are not, but all of them are passable to most vehicles.  For anyone who loves tiny towns, or just burgers, this little spot in the middle of nowhere is a delight and a must-see.

Know Before You Go

Operation hours are 6 a.m.-1 p.m. Mon-Sat.

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