Worlds Largest Chocolate Waterfall – Anchorage, Alaska - Gastro Obscura

Worlds Largest Chocolate Waterfall

While not recognized by Guinness, this chocolate waterfall is likely to be the world's largest. 


Alaska is known for the cold, but the World’s Largest Chocolate Waterfall in Anchorage is pumping more hot cocoa confection than anywhere on the planet.

Consisting of a series of copper melting pots which spill liquid chocolate into one another before the stream reaches a grand fountain which settles out into a pool of pure candy, the sweet attraction brings plenty of visitors into the Alaska Wild Berry Park Store which houses the oddity. So popular is the fountain that much of the chocolate has been donated by large chocolate companies such as Nestle and Guittard. The falls pump over 3000 pounds of molten chocolate down the 20-foot installation at any given time, although visitors are not allowed to swim.

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