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Dulcería de Celaya

Sample sweets at an Art Nouveau candy shop that's been in business since 1874. 


These centuries-old walls hold the gastronomical heritage of Mexico’s traditional sweets. Founded in 1874 by brothers Alfredo and Luis Guízar de Arias, this traditional confectionary store is one of the oldest in Mexico City. Around 150 recipes from the north, south, and central regions of the country are produced artisanally in copper pots using wooden paddles with traditional ingredients.

Initially, the sweets were brought from different states all over Mexico, but as their popularity and demand grew, the family began buying recipes from their partners. They soon began to produce the confections in the basement of their home and even invented some recipes of their own. The sweets produced then became a mix of Indigenous and European traditions.

Today the sweets are produced in a separate workshop and another location can be found in the Colonia Roma. Nowadays, visitors can take a step back in time into the 19th-century French-style confectionary store and share a taste with generations past. It’s the perfect spot to stock up on marranitos (pig-shaped cookies flavored with unrefined piloncillo sugar) or sugar skulls for the Day of the Dead. Why not try a huevo real [royal egg], an egg-yolk bread with honey and cinnamon that was even given to one of the viceroys of New Spain?

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