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President William Henry Harrison's Monument and Tomb

North Bend, Ohio

This tower-tomb honors a president who only held office for a little over a month but dedicated his life to his country. 


William Henry Harrison was the ninth president, and the first to die in office but his long history of national service is honored by a towering windowed plinth above his tomb.

Harrison actually spent most of his presidential term in bed and died after only 32 days in service. However, being President was just the capstone of a long life of service to the young United States. Prior to accepting the highest office, Harrison was a decorated general who led several successful campaigns in the War of 1812, he was also an early government leader in the fledgling Northwest Territory (which would later become the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin). Harrison also served as a congressman, senator, and even Ambassador to Colombia.

The monument to the short-lived president is located on the corner of Brower Road. and Cliff Road. in North Bend, Ohio (west of Cincinnati) and is visible from the nearby highway. Harrison’s remains (and those of his wife and other relatives) are interred in a vault at the base of the tower at the center of the monument.

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