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White Lake Mansion House Ruins

White Lake, New York

These mouldering mansion ruins remember a time when the Catskills were nothing but luxury. 


Many visitors travel to Bethel, New York to see the site of the Woodstock Festival, but a slight detour will bring visitors to the once grand ruins of the White Lake Mansion House, a rotting wooden relic that is the oldest remaining vacation hotel in the county. 

The White Lake Mansion House hotel was built in 1848. Owned and operated by the Kinne family in Bethel, NY for over 80 years, it was one of the most opulent hotels in Sullivan County. Beautifully built in the Greek Revival style and overlooking White Lake, it was a premier holiday resort for Manhattanites. A contemporary advertisement wrote that it combined “the simplicity of the Colonial Days with that of Quiet Distinction, this Luxurious Home for travelers is fast becoming a popular stay for those who appreciate the charm of the unusual.”

A number of locals have discussed tearing down the aging ruins to make room for new facilities and just to generally beautify the area, but so far, the White Lake Mansion House ruins stand strong.

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