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Centerville, Indiana

Warm Glow Candle Outlet

A giant lumpy candle serves as a beacon for this highly scented pit stop. 

Serving rural Indiana since the early 2000s, Warm Glow Candle Company produces oddly textured candles that seem like they’re from an ancient era of life.

The gigantic candle that sits outside the shop not only serves to stir curiosity among passersby but also acts as a preview for what visitors will find inside: thousands of lumpy candles, big and small, with quirky scents ranging from “Ma & Pa Kettle Corn” to “Hansel & Gretel.”

Exploring the area around the shop, guests will also find seating areas, a koi pond, a coffee café, artisan crafts, and a cage filled with live, cooing peafowls. For many visitors, what may begin as a quick rest stop off of I-70 could easily turn into hours of exploring whimsical sights, sounds and of course, smells.

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