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Vasquez Rocks

Agua Dulce, California

Named after a bandit and the star of several Hollywood prehistoric landscapes, these sandstone formations are a historical part of the Los Angeles natural landscape. 


Jutting out of the earth near the San Andreas Fault, and visible from the highway, the Vasquez Rocks are a group of sandstone formations located just 45 minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles.

Formerly the home of the Shoshone and Tataviam peoples, the 932-acre site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972, and is maintained today by the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation.

Over the years, these rocks have been a favorite film site for Hollywood, appearing in numerous films and TV shows such as Planet of the Dinosaurs, Star Trek, and The Flintstones. They were named after the bandit Tiburcio Vasquez.

Know Before You Go

Make your plans to visit carefully and check the Parks website before you go, as hours can vary and the park doesn't open early or stay open late. There's often a line up of cars to get in right when the gates open. Also be aware ground is really uneven and an SUV is helpful if you want to explore the park at length by driving not just hiking around. The main parking area by the most recognizable rock formation is entirely dirt and unmarked. There is little to no shade and it tends to be very hot in this area, come prepared with lots of water.

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