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Flyvestation Værløse (Flight Station Værløse)

Værløse, Denmark

This World War II airfield enjoys a second life as a public park.  


Flyvestation Værløse was constructed during the beginning of the 20th century, and was used for airforce training.

On April 9, 1940, during the German invasion of Denmark, German aircraft attacked the base. Most of the Danish planes on the ground were destroyed in a classic Blitzkrieg attack. German forces then used the airbase throughout the war for various purposes, including as a storage facility for captured aircraft.

After the war, the airbase was used and upgraded by the Danish airforce, who throughout the Cold War invested in the airbase. The Danish armed forces finally stopped using the base around April 2004.

Since then, the airbase has existed as a public park and wildlife area. The park is also occasionally used by recreational gliders and drone enthusiasts.

The best way to visit Flyvestation Værløse is by bicycle, as the area covered by the airfield and the adjoining hangars is quite sprawling. Make sure to check out the abandoned German officer’s house in the northeastern corner of the airfield.

Know Before You Go

The S-tog (the local suburban trains from Copenhagen) has a station at either Værløse (B trains) or Måløv (C and H trains), from which the airbase can be reached. Bicycles can be brought onto S-tog. Each is around 20 minutes by bike from either station.

The airbase is around a 30-minute drive from the center of Copenhagen, though parking is limited.

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