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Unarius Academy of Science

El Cajon, California

Educational foundation that teaches the powers of fourth dimensional physical properties. 


The Unarius Academy of Science (Unarius stands for Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science) was founded in 1954 by cosmic visionaries, Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman. This nonprofit educational foundation teaches a comprehensive curriculum of self-mastery that is based on the joining of science and spirit, the understanding of the universal energy principles or fourth-dimensional physics.

The Academy offers biweekly classes in Past-Life Therapy that are lives streamed. Unariuns believe in the immortality of the soul, or the continuity of consciousness, and that, consequently, the root cause of any problem one faces in their lives stems from a past life. Ernest Norman, who was an advanced clairvoyant channeled the core texts of the Unarius Science of Life, and when he passed over the to the spirit worlds in 1971, his wife Ruth, also known by her spiritual name of Uriel, continued the Unarius mission. She served as the main channel, along with several subchannels who continued to receive transmissions from beings in the higher nonatomic dimensions or spiritual planes that are collectively called the Unariun Brotherhood.  There are also testimonial books written by the students of their former lives in the planetary system of Orion and the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.

In the late 1970s the Academy, under the directorship of Uriel, the Academy began making films that pioneered the use of psychodrama to uncover past lifetimes. These classic Unarius films include Roots of the Earthman and The Arrival, which premiered on the big screen at The Cinefamily in Hollywood in May 2014.  The Academy has produced over 100 video programs that began airing on public access stations in the 80s and still do today across the USA. Unarius’ YouTube channel–Unarius33–has many clips from these videos, along with segments from classes, lectures and workshops. 

Both Ernest and Ruth Norman astrally visited Mars–he in 1955 and she in 1977. They learned that the Martians were forewarned with their advanced technology and vision that a supernova would be passing close to their planet and would destroy their civilization. So they searched other nearby planets and tried to establish a colony on Earth, but soon discovered that the Eartheans were not receptive with their warring behavior, so they abandoned that plan. The Martians that remained intermixed with the natives, and their descendants became the Chinese race. The Martians were able in a 200-year time span to move their civilization underground, with the cities covered by enormous domes and interconnected by tubes with a monorail system.

In 1973, Uriel mentally contacted representatives on thirty-two worlds in our galaxy and learned of the master plan for these worlds to form an intergalactic “united nations,” now called the Interplanetary Confederation. Earth has been invited to become thirty-third linking member. On the second weekend of October, Unariuns celebrate the Interplanetary Conclave of Light event to raise awareness that life exists on other worlds and to encourage receptivity to the future contact and landing of these more advanced beings from the Interplanetary Confederation. They will send representatives in all fields of science, medicine, engineering, etc. to work with their counterparts on Earth. These Space Brothers (and Sisters!) plan to  help us overcome the major global challenges currently facing our world, through the advanced technology that they will bring.

Unarius is headquartered in El Cajon, California and has thousands of home-study students worldwide. The Unarius Academy in El Cajon is open to visitors and features visionary artwork and artifacts, including The Model City of the Future, as depicted in the photos.

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