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UFO Welcome Center

Bowman, South Carolina

This set of rickety spaceships are prepared to give alien travelers a place to relax and go to the bathroom. 


If aliens ever visit our planet looking for a place to rest their head, they need look no further than South Carolina resident Jody Pendarvis’ homemade UFO Welcome Center, although he might already be sleeping inside it. 

Built to resemble two silver UFOs stacked behind a scrap metal fence, the welcome center was cobbled together from scrap wood, metal, and random junk. The larger of the makeshift ships is on the bottom, built with all the amenities an interstellar traveler might need such as a toilet, shower, television, and air conditioning. The smaller of the ramshackle saucers simply rests atop the other with no connecting bolts. According to aspiring galactic ambassador Pendarvis, this will allow for it to be moved easier by alien technology.

The ships look a little rundown these days, but Pendarvis, who stays in the ship when the temperature goes above 55 degrees (F) because it has better AC than his trailer, still holds out hope for alien visitors. However human visitors are allowed to tour the UFO Welcome Center if they are able to reach Pendarvis and pay his ever increasing entry fee. Simply look for the words, “UFO Welcome Center” spray-painted on the fence. If aliens can find it, so can explorers. 

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