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God's Acre Healing Springs

Blackville, South Carolina

This natural spring not only claims to heal the wounded but it has also been willed to God. 


Despite being named after a euphemism for a burial site, the God’s Acre Healing Spring is an artesian well which is rumored to produce water capable of healing the sick and which is located on land that is owned by “God Almighty.”

This natural spring, located in the South Carolina wilderness dates back to at least the Revolutionary War if the legends are to be believed. As the story goes, a handful of fatally wounded British soldiers had wandered into the woods to die but were found by some Native Americans who took them to drink from the healing spring. Despite their grave wounds the soldiers were said to stroll back into their camp six months later, looking like the picture of health.

No matter how unlikely, each subsequent owner of the land that the spring is located on capitalized on the spring and perpetuated the myth of the water’s healing properties. In 1944 the last owner of the land officially deeded the land to God, both officially and via the informational signs he installed to that effect in the nearby area. Since God is presumably immortal, it seems like he will own this miraculous land for the rest of time, and can keep the healing waters flowing.    

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Located near SC #3 north of Blackville

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