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Concrete construction materials turned into a fashionable capsule hotel in rural Mexico. 


Using repurposed cement construction tubes, Tubohotel tries to provide a design-forward, environmentally conscious lodging in a remote Mexican town.  

Tubohotel, the all-tube hotel, is a bizarre little place tucked away in the quaint village of Tepoztlan, Mexico. The village itself is highly traditional, without a huge tourist presence (despite its close proximity to Cuernavaca), so this ultra-modern hostel made entirely of reclaimed cement tubes seems a little out of place, but the establishment’s devotion to creating an ecologically sound establishment seems like a natural fit. The thick cement tubes provide natural insulation and the repurposed materials ensure that nothing is used needlessly.  

As a hotel, it’s a decent place to stay, but the real draw of the location is the experience. The beds are reportedly pretty uncomfortable, and for roughly $40 per night many hostels are cheaper however the appealing design and eco-friendly attitude have people crawling into these tube rooms every single night.  

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