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Libušín a Maměnka

Pustevny, Czechia

A folk-art cottage and hotel straight from a Slavic fairy tale. 


At first sight, these picturesque buildings seem like they could be home to Ježibaba, a Czech folklore character similar to Baba Yaga. In truth, they are carefully restored architectural treasures that still offer cozy rooms and warm food to alpine guests and visitors.

Built in 1899 by the Czech architect Dušan Jurkovič, known as “the poet of timber” for his woodwork, the cottage and hotel are a lively combination of Czech-Slavic heritage and the Art Nouveau style of the time. The fairy tale-esque dining room, in particular, features Art Nouveau chandeliers and frescoes decorated with motifs from local legends. Constructed during a time of strong Austrian and Germanic influence, the mountain residences showcase the renowned architect’s focus on local culture and folk art.

After enduring a period of neglect and disrepair in the mid-1900s, both buildings have been lovingly restored, named National Cultural Monuments as part of a National Open Air Museum in the mountain town of Pustevny. As in 1899, they welcome overnight guests to this beautiful alpine area, while the restaurant serves local Wallachian cuisine like zelňačka (cabbage soup).

Know Before You Go

Sitting on top of the mountain pass of Pustevny, Libušín, and Maměnka can require a hike to visit. But worry not, the chair lift operates year-round, and the mountain pass is accessible any day of the year outside of exceptionally bad weather. The area can be busy during the summer holidays.

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