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Tree Climbing Planet

This Oregon farm is dedicated to teaching people the professional art of tree climbing. 


Everyone wishes they could grow up to have a job involving their childhood passion, but Oregon outdoorsman Tim Kovar, who couldn’t get enough of climbing trees, actually did it.

At his farm in Oregon City, known as Tree Climbing Planet, Kovar leads adults from all walks of life through courses in professional tree climbing. Identifying as a Master Tree Climbing Instructor, Kovar teaches people how to tie proper knots, safely hang sleeping hammocks, and carefully ascend the branches of a tree. Before this seems like some sort of playground for adults with rampant Peter Pan syndrome, Kovar’s classes are actually more targeted towards professionals who might need instruction in climbing trees, such as parks workers and nature researchers. Really anyone who might need to safely climb up into the forest canopy.

Kovar’s 150 acre farm is covered in a variety of trees that offer a safe environment to practice real world climbing. The classes are not exclusively for professionals either. Shorter, day classes are also offered to anyone from the public who might want to try their hands at a little monkey business.

Tree Climbing Planet has been in business for around a decade now and the demand for Kovar’s classes does not seem to be abating. It seems that no matter how much humans evolve, mastery of the trees will just always be something our species strives towards.

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July 29, 2015

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