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Wolfe's Cove Tunnel

Train tunnel running underneath Quebec City. 


Three hundred and thirty feet below Quebec city runs the Wolfe’s Cove Tunnel. 

The 1800-foot-long tunnel was built by the Canadian Pacific Railways in 1930. It passes beneath Belvedere Avenue and the Plains of Abraham and was built primarily to serve as the pickup for the trans-Atlantic Empress ship. With ship traffic transferred to Montreal by the 1950s, the rail switched to freight. 

While the tunnel is easily accessible by foot, one should be very careful if they choose to enter the tunnel (we do not recommend it) as the Wolfe’s Cove Tunnel continues to have trains running through it, approximately 3 or 4 per week, rail transportation services only.

The South portal is just east of Gilmour’s Hill, hidden under Champlain Boulevard. The North portal is accessible by West Charest Boulevard, between the streets Vincent Massey and De Verdun, near the Lady Mary-Ann Nightclub.

Know Before You Go

Proceed with caution. 

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