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Cartier Avenue's Giant Lampshades

The floating gallery illuminates the heart of Québec City's arts district. 


The charm of this neighborhood is enhanced by the 34 giant lampshade street lights that adorn Cartier Avenue. You might miss them at first because they blend in so well with the eclectic feeling of the neighborhood, but once you look up, you will not look away.

The Montreal design firm Lightemotion conceived of this project, which features the work of Quebecois painters Alfred Pellan and Fernand Leduc from the Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec. LED strips power the artwork. Each light is five feet high and eight feet across, and makes a bold and impressive statement. 

At night, the lamps illuminate the Montcalm neighborhood, which is known as the city’s arts district. During the day, they add warmth to the neighborhood, shine an artistic hue on the storefronts, and serve as an outdoor public art gallery.

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