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Tomb of Ibn Batutta

The tomb of one of the greatest travelers in history. 


Although nobody can guarantee whether the remains of Ibn Battuta are really kept inside this impressive white mausoleum, this is perhaps the closest one can get to one of the greatest explorers in history.

Ibn Battuta, the famous Moroccan explorer, and traveler, is widely regarded as one of the greatest travelers in history. He embarked on a remarkable journey in the 14th century that took him through Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and beyond, covering a distance believed to be over 75,000 miles.

Battuta was born in Tangier in 1304 and set out on his travels at the age of 21. His adventures spanned nearly three decades, during which he explored various regions, experienced different cultures, and met numerous rulers and dignitaries.

His written account, known as the Rihla, provides invaluable insights into the medieval world, shedding light on the diverse cultures, customs, and political landscapes of the places he visited. Battuta’s travelogue serves as a significant historical source, capturing the socio-economic conditions, religious practices, and intercultural exchanges of the time, making it an indispensable resource for scholars and a captivating literary work that continues to inspire wanderlust and cultural curiosity.

There are plenty of historical markers or memorials related to Battuta in the city, given his significant contribution to Moroccan and world history. As a prominent figure, he is also celebrated throughout Morocco and the broader Muslim world for his travel accounts and contributions to geographical knowledge.

Know Before You Go

To find the mausoleum in honor of Ibn Battuta you are going to have to enter the Tangier Kasbah. Finding Rue Ibn Batouta can be complicated unless you have a very detailed map of the city. Ask locals for help if you get lost and keep your eyes peeled for the red arrows that lead you in the right direction.

The gate of the mausoleum is usually closed so a visit to the interior is highly improbable.

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