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Tinago Falls

Iligan City, Philippines

Hidden deep within a Filipino jungle is an incredible waterfall that plunges into a dazzling blue-green pool. 


Away from the more than 300,000 inhabitants of nearby Iligan City, Tinago Falls provides a serene getaway deep within the jungles of Mindanao. Tucked within a forest-fringed ravine, this mighty waterfall’s name fittingly means “one that is hidden.”

Approximately 240 feet high, its colossal rock structures are dotted by thick masses of trees and natural foliage. Despite this towering scene, what lies at the bottom of the falls leaves visitors in even greater awe. 

Tinago’s basin features a stunning blue-green pool of water. The colorful sheen of the water is more than enough to inspire legends of supernatural guardians that protect this aquamarine refuge.

In spite of its mystic undertones, Tinago has been developed by locals to carry adventurers toward the falls. By way of a small ferry ride on one of two makeshift bamboo rafts, you can experience one of the area’s main attractions: when directly underneath the plunging falls, you can feel the therapeutic beating of the water on your skin. 

More than a hundred feet deep, the basin is not only a site for those who want a peaceful sanctuary, but also those who crave adventure. Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies are often found climbing and jumping off of the high rock walls surrounding the basin. 

Know Before You Go

Tinago is under the care of the Philippine Tourism Authority. As a result, a small fee of about 50₱ (around $1) is required. Be prepared to climb up and down the ravine's more than 500 individual stairs. Bring some water to drink, you'll need it.

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