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The Pearl Love Hotel is permanently closed.

The Pearl Love Hotel

The ruin of a Japanese love hotel almost completely overgrown with brambles. 


The Pearl Love Hotel Haikyo in Tochigi is a wreck in camouflage, deeply nested underneath a blanket of scraggy brown vines.

Rooms lie in embers, grown through with ferns; once-bohemian beds, chaise lounges and chandeliers lie scrapped, dropped, and despoiled with the nests of birds, spiders, and the homeless. The grand two-story executive suite still maintains some of its sordid gravitas, its sultry red round-bedded apex room as faux-regal as ever, now overlooking a graveyard of spent passion inveigled by nature’s rapacious tendrils.

Written by Japanese Haikyo expert and explorer Michael John Grist. More about this place and other Haikyo can be found on his site here.

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December 23, 2009

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