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The Interpretation Center of Rock Carvings Benehauno

Stop by, and you'll receive a map to two well-preserved ancient petroglyph sites. 


The island of La Palma is freckled with ancient carvings and caves once lived in by its indigenous inhabitants, the Benahoarite people. Sadly, many of these features were not well-preserved, so many of the surviving examples are either blocked from the public or have monitored tourist access.

The El Paso petroglyphs and caves are such a place. This archaeological site features a visitor center that was built in 2009 following a European Union grant for cultural and historical preservation. Inside the building, you will find a film room with a short movie about the natives on the ground floor and a permanent exhibition on the top floor, which showcases pottery and smaller stones with petroglyphs.

The visitor center also gives information about the two nearby sites you can visit—though you have to pass through the center first. The locations of these petroglyphs are not shared online. Instead, a paper map is handed out to visitors.

Once you leave the paved road, the path to the petroglyphs is well signposted. The trail to two locations, a lookout point with a very densely decorated rock wall and a burial site that consists of a rock with many small caves that were used as burial places. 

Know Before You Go

The museum is free and opened on weekdays from 9 to 5 and Saturday 9:30 to 3. The road going to the center is very steep, though the road just before the building is quite level and is a good place to park.

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