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The Cartoon Saloon

A unique cartoon-filled roadside attraction. 


The Cartoon Saloon is a tiny little place off the side of the road that is open to all. It is home to the Lone Star beer Christmas tree. Step in and view beer cans signed by previous patrons, sign the visitor log, or just sign the walls. See some of the cartoons drawn by the Cartoon Cowboy, JP Rankin.

Despite the name, this roadside attraction is more of a picnic spot than an actual saloon. When the owners are there, there’s beer, water, and sometimes liquor in the refrigerator. Take what you need and leave a donation (please be generous). Walk outside and sit around the spool tables under the cedars and let the breeze carry your cares away.  You never know who will be out. Look around for painted rocks tucked in here and there. Beware of the daddy longlegs in the outhouse. This area is now officially known as Toonstone, Texas.

This place has been featured on various TV shows and web series, including the Texas Country Reporter and You, Me, and the RV

Know Before You Go

Northeast of Comfort, turn right on FM 473 and it will be on your left. West of Sisterdale. South of Alamo Springs Cafe and the Old Tunnel State Park. 

Cell signal can be spotty. Would be best to download offline maps of the area, especially if coming down Old 9 Road.

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