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Stonehenge Replica

Odessa, Texas

A collection of massive stacked rocks in Texas includes a snarky note on the benefits of modern technology. 


In many ways, Stonehenge remains a complete mystery. Despite the lack of quality information on the megaliths, some estimates believe its erection took over 2,000 years. But in Odessa, Texas, tractor-trailers and modern science built a replica in just six weeks in 2004.

In front of the modern monument is a small plaque describing the efforts of the Stonehenge Replica team. The plaque remarks, in rather snarky fashion, that the advent of science allowed man to move these 30,000 pound stones in just six weeks, effectively creating a dustier and fairly accurate version of the English original.

Despite the hint of triumph in the plaque of the modern man, the replica also notes the impressiveness of such a structure being created millennia ago without mechanical assistance. Just a hair shorter than England’s Stonehenge, the Odessa copy reaches a height of 19 feet and can be accessed for free at any time by visitors to the town.

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