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Scioto Lounge Deer Sculptures

Three bronze deer sculptures relax along the Scioto Mile. 


These easy-going, bronze deer statues were installed by artist Terry Allen in 2015 as a part of a rehabilitation project that turned the Scioto Mile into a multi-use park and trail.

Allen was inspired by the origin of the name of the Scioto River, which comes from the Wyandot people’s word for deer, skɛnǫ·tǫ. Allen thought the deer should be lounging around as humans do at the Scioto Mile.

Allen used forms from a taxidermist to model the deer after but added joints in the arms and legs to make them appear more human and relatable. One statue is found leaning on the railing of the Rich Street bridge above the Scioto River. One statue is found sitting in Genoa Park at the top of steps leading down to the Lower Scioto Greenway (by Washington Blvd opposite COSI), and another along the grass near the second one, north of the steps.

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