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Terme di Saturnia

Saturnia, Italy

Geothermal waterfalls in Tuscany. 


The average hot tub costs around $2500. Throw in maintenance costs, a new swimsuit and a privacy fence to keep your neighbor from seeing your beer belly, and you’re looking at closer to $4000. If the residents of Saturnia heard that, they would probably fall on the floor laughing.

They don’t pay a dime for their hot tub, and it’s state of the art. Not exactly modern state of the art, but it’s self-cleaning and regulating, and can accommodate far more people than the average backyard jacuzzi.

Just a few short kilometers from the village of Saturnia is a lush geothermal spring, with steamy water temperatures nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The natural evolution of the landscape has smoothed out the spring and created waterfalls and shallow pools turing Terme di Saturnia into a giant, relaxing outdoor spa.

Surrounded by the Tuscan countryside, Saturnia features two main waterfall areas that look more tropical than mid-Italian and allow for maximum relaxation. While enjoying the posh lifestyle under the springs, take a moment and realize to understand this ancient luxury. The spring at Saturnia has flowed consistently for over 3000 years, and was even used by Roman nobles. The whole experience may make you rethink a hot tub investment.

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