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Šalinac Grove

Šalinac, Serbia

An eerie, protected forest of old-growth oak trees, many of which are now dead. 


A cluster of centuries-old trees stretches toward the sky near the Serbian village of Šalinac. At least 200 trees fill the approximately 47-acre plot of land. Most of the trees are at least 200 years old. Many are now dead.

The Šalinac Grove is a protected patch of old-growth forest, which is a rare gem within the Balkans. The trees are the last survivors of the oak and ash forests that once stretched across the region. The area lost the rest of the woodland to deforestation.

The majority of the trees are centennial marsh oaks. Sadly, many of the trees are in poor condition. Some cling to life, while a good portion of the trees are now dead. Their trunks still stand among the live flora like the wooden ghosts of a forest that was once young, healthy, and beautiful.

Walking through the forest is an eerie experience. The dead trees, gnarled and hollowed, are a grim sight to behold.

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