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Treehouse Paradise

A chance to sleep among the firs and pines of the Oregon forest. 


In the woods of southwest Oregon, wedged between the coast and the Oregon Caves National Monument, a forest of fir and pine trees offers a unique opportunity to realize the whimsical childhood dream of living in a treehouse, enjoying the outdoors through a habitat usually reserved for woodland creatures. 

The treehouses at Vertical Horizons, however, are considerably more luxurious than the handiwork of a 10-year-old. Each cabin in this verdant “paradise” comes with amenities not usually found in treetops. Visitors can choose from four different cabins that are built into the large tree limbs, the most luxurious of which includes multiple stories and a shower.

Each cabin has balconies among the branches were you can experience the natural smells and murmurs of the forest. During warm months, visitors can hike, zip-line, and play disc golf before falling asleep supported by trees. More intrepid tree-lovers might even visit during the winter, when you can wake up to a blanket of snow covering the forest.  

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