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Roswell is well known as a popular travel destination for UFO enthusiasts, whether they be domestic, foreign, or (perhaps) intergalactic. A trip to the local UFO museum provides an educational look into the record of extraterrestrial visitors to our fine planet. One may get jealous thinking about those little green men zipping around the universe, and wonder if they will ever get to take such a trip themselves. In this pursuit, Roswell comes again to the rescue, providing a glimpse into what other worlds might look like, in the form of a black light art exhibition called the Roswell UFO Spacewalk.

A set of green footprints on the sidewalk outside help guide hopeful intergalactic travelers to the entrance of the spacewalk. Visitors are given a special protective band to counteract the effects of the temporal vortex field—and to show that they paid the entrance fee.

The journey takes visitors through a spaceship, into outer space, through a wormhole, and across a mutant forest. The Spacewalk was created by Roswell artist Larry Welz. It is still a work in progress, using various recycled, found, and donated materials to create the alien landscapes. It is a collaboration with several other artists, including Bryan Ward, whose art is featured in the lobby.

Know Before You Go

Hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The entrance fee is $5. The wristband you receive will allow you to reenter the Spacewalk at your leisure throughout the day. 

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