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Reptile Zoo

"The Reptile Man's" very own roadside zoo features an albino alligator. 


Along Highway 2, a strange sign boasts a Reptile Zoo just above a sign for tasty BBQ. But don’t be misled! At this roadside animal attraction, you get to look at amazing gators, not eat them.

The Reptile Zoo is just a hop, skip, and jump west of the Wayside Chapel, on the edge of Monroe, Washington. You won’t be disappointed with this roadside pit-stop. Among the main attractions are an albino alligator and a two-headed turtle; both living.

Its other features include a tortoise petting area, which is perfect for kids to see what a real shell feels like! There is an enormous anaconda, color changing chameleons, and a host of giant tarantulas.

The zoo was started by Scott “The Reptile Man” Petersen, a performative, educational reptile expert, who uses the space to continue his mission to spread the good word about reptiles. His children are set to take over the zoo as well, so with luck, the zoo will continue to operate under the guidance of a Petersen for the foreseeable future.   

There is also a small gift shop that also features a scavenger hunt for kids.

Know Before You Go

Parking is a gravel lot with room for RVs. Admission for adults is $9.50. Be sure to double-check the prices for the day you visit, as it's cheaper on Sunday. The hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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