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If you find yourself in Fackler, Alabama, you’ll have the opportunity to stumble across two interesting places: the Neversink Pit and the Rock Zoo. Driving down County Road 32 you will pass a normal farm but if you look closely you will see lots of rocks with amazing displays of color. What you will see is the Rock Zoo which is a field with rocks that are painted to look like animals.

According to Kelley Kazek of, the Rock Zoo started in the late 1970s, when someone moved a boulder onto the property of Leonard Dawson during the construction of Jackson County’s Road 32. Dawson saw that the rock looked like a rooster and hired a professional to paint the rock. Ever since that day, Dawson has added nearly two dozen rocks that include a bull, calf, turtle, giraffe, goat, etc. Over the years this place has grown more popular each year with visitors coming to see the zoo every week. 

The Rock Zoo is a place where you can pull up and view the animals. This site would be a great trip for little kids to see the animals and they even allow the kids to get on top and pet the animals as well. The place is free to visit and is open for 24 hours. (Though it’s better to not go at night, because you will not be able to see anything.)

The Rock Zoo is an amazing place to visit but it is kind of hard to find. To find this place you will need to go through multiple backroads through the middle of nowhere. There aren’t really that many other places near this place due to it being so distant from main roads or cities. Overall, this site is suitable for all ages; to take your kids to view some cool rocks or maybe as adults just to go to see something you would never expect to see in your lifetime.

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August 17, 2023

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