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Rathgall Hillfort

County Wicklow, Ireland

Ancient Bronze Age rampart that was used into the middle ages. 


What at first glance appears to simply be a series of earthen rings on a small Irish hill is actually the fortification of an ancient people.

An imposing earthworks rampart, the Rathgall Hillfort (otherwise known by the more epic name The Ring of the Rath) is composed of four concentric dirt and rock circles dating back to the Bronze Age. The rings are made of local stones and much of it is overgrown, but built to last since their construction in 800 BC. Excavations on the site in the 1970s revealed a workshop, a circular house, beads of gold and glass, and objects made from bronze, glass, and stone. Evidence also suggests that the fort remained occupied until medieval times.

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Located 6 km east of Tullow in County Wicklow

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