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Hiroshima's Hypocenter

A plaque marks the site directly below the mid-air detonation of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. 


On August 6th, 1945, the atomic bomb “Little Boy” exploded roughly 180 meters (590 feet) straight up above this quiet spot on a side-street of modern day Hiroshima, Japan.

Familiar historical landmarks are close by: The A-Dome, a half-exploded ruin left standing to memorialize the blast; the bridge that was the original target; and the Peace Memorial Park with its huge bronze bell and Childrens’ Memorial hung with swaths of paper cranes. There are also several trees that have survived the blast and continue to thrive.

The site of the hypocenter itself is marked only by a plaque showing a photo of the devastation which resulted and stating the bare facts. Visitors leave flowers and paper cranes in memory of the dead.

The plaque can be found less than five minutes’ walk from the A-Dome.

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