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Rasiglia, Italy

This medieval mountain town is also known as the "Village of Streams." 


Tucked away among the green hills of Umbria, Rasiglia is a medieval village dating back to the 13th century. While the centuries-old stone homes and buildings appear as though they’re frozen in time, the town is constantly in motion; small streams rush through the village, looping around centuries-old homes and stone buildings.

The streams, fed by the Menotre tributary, weave through the village, forming torrents, basins, and small waterfalls. During the 16th century, they powered the town’s mill, wool and dyeing factory, and wash-houses. After the mill and factories shuttered, many abandoned Rasiglia for the closest city, and only a few residents live in the village today. 

Some of the buildings that were abandoned or damaged have been restored, such as the old mill, while others have been converted into homes.

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