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Pronghorn of F.E. Warren Air Force Base

Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming

The same security that protects our nukes accidentally protected a gentle herd of antelope. 


Located outside Cheyenne, Wyoming, Francis E. Warren Air Force Base is one of three strategic missile bases in the United States, responsible for all of America’s nuclear ICBM forces, and is also home to a thriving herd of approximately 350 adorable pronghorn antelope.

The extensive security that protects the base from prying eyes and enemy forces also protects the delicate antelope from predators and hunters, resulting in the only known “urban” herd of pronghorn. Over the years the herd has even become semi-domesticated and comfortable around humans, casually grazing right outside the offices where people prepare for nuclear annihilation.

The herd is being used to help restore the critically endangered Peninsular pronghorn population to Baja California. Nearly 60 female American pronghorn have been transported from F.E. Warren to Mexico to serve as surrogate mothers for Peninsular fawns in an embryo transfer project.

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