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Prairie Dog Town

Home of mutant livestock. 

Sorry, Prairie Dog Town is permanently closed.

If you’ve ever made a cross-country trek along Interstate 70 in the United States, you might remember the lonely stretch that is the high plains of Kansas. Giant billboards promising horrible and fantastic sights lead the road weary traveler into Prairie Dog Town.

The friendly yet un-animated proprietor is reminiscent of 100 farmers throughout similar small Midwestern towns. Visit and he will matter-of-factly point you toward the six-legged cow, the bovine victim of a conjoined twin birth, as well as several dead, stuffed examples of conjoined animals. A giant vat of snakes hisses in one corner, and outside - as promised - is the biggest prairie dog in the world (made of cement). Hundreds of not-so-big prairie dogs pop in and out of the landscape like the biggest game of Whack-A-Mole ever made.

Truly a throwback to the carnival freakshows of yesteryear, Prairie Dog Town is a must see for fans of the bizarre and odd.

UPDATE May 2015: Sad to say that the windows are curtained and all the signage is gone. 

Know Before You Go

Permanently closed.

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