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Museum Obscurum

Nykøbing Falster, Denmark

This secret collection of the strange and occult was rediscovered in a forgotten room of an old house. 


Museum Obscurum is the enigmatic curio cabinet of an eccentric 19th-century collector named Cornelius S.C. Rödder. He was a wealthy man who collected anything that amazed him, as private collectors often did. After a visit to London, his interests turned towards the mysterious, the cryptozoological, and the occult.

Rödder established a “dark” collection with a secret entrance in his house, where he kept his vampire skeleton, collection of fairies, and other supernatural specimens. This secret collection was nearly lost, until in 2017 the Museum Obscurum rediscovered a series of crates behind a locked door in a forgotten room.

The museum reconstructed Rödder’s home and put his unusual collection on display in the study. From a werewolf to a stuffed platypus to the skull of the Forest Child, there are many mysterious artifacts to peruse, both mythological and otherwise. The visitor is gently challenged with stranger and stranger specimens and faced with the question: What is real, and what is fake? 

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