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Vaihingen an der Enz, Germany

Powerline Eberdingen-Riet

20kV overhead line with a garland-like cable. 

On first glance there is nothing spectacular about the 20 kV overhead line running between Eberdingen and Riet. It’s just a 20 kV line with one circuit on wooden poles, you might think. But this power line has a special feature. In fact, it might be the only power line anywhere in the world that has this feature: a garland-like cable as one of the conductors.

Such cables are not uncommon on power lines built before the middle of the 1980s by EVS, which is not a part of EnBW. But all of the cables are installed on the ground conductor or a grounded auxiliary rope on the pylons—not on a live conductor. However, overhead cables in live conductors are used on several 20 kV lines, but all these cables are integrated in the conductor and not attached like a garland to it.

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