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North End "Peninsula"

What was once a true peninsula has now been filled in, causing the water to recede and leaving many streetside "waterfronts" and landlocked "islands." 


The North End used to be surrounded by water on all ends except a slender connection to Boston proper.

The peninsula basically followed the line of Hanover Street today, but now consists of mostly landlocked areas with watery names. The strip of land was about as wide as the distance to Salem Street on the west of Hanover Street, and North Street on the other side. Garbage, debris from fires, and intentional filling of the marsh lands eventually created solid ground for the North End to expand, creating more room for us to enjoy fascinating historical stories and great Italian food.

Imagine how vastly different your surroundings were two hundred years ago as you walk up Hanover Street. This particular location, at the intersection of Marshall, was chosen because Marshall once has a creek running alongside it. Nearby Creek Square is a testament to this part of Boston’s ancient landscape.

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