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Jindo-Modo Landbridge

Jindo, South Korea

Landbridge created by the South Korean version of Moses. 


The story of Moses parting the Red Sea in order to save the Israelites from the Egyptians is well-known.

South Koreans have a similar story. Their version is that the island of Jindo was attacked by vicious tigers. Everyone escaped, except for an unfortunate elderly woman. It is said that she prayed to the sea deity, asking the deity to open the waters and allow her to pass to the neighboring island of Modo. Her wish was granted.

Today, locals and tourists on Jindo Island and Modo Island can relive the elderly woman’s crossing of the Yellow Sea. Twice a year, once in May and once in mid-June, extremely low tides open a natural causeway connecting Jindo and Modo. The causeway is almost two miles long and over 120 feet wide. On each of these days, visitors and tourists from each island traditionally walk to the middle of the causeway to meet one another and celebrate.

Jindo’s “Moses Miracle” gained popularity in 1975 when a French journalist was traveling through South Korea and happened to experience the parting firsthand.

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