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This tiny Swedish troll protects the land and all who wander within it. 


When it comes to mythical folk who inhabit the nooks and crannies of a hilly region, many people’s minds first jump to Ireland’s leprechauns. But there are other magical beings that dwell in other lands, too, like the legendary Nipgubben of northern Sweden.

The Nipgubben, or Old Man of Nip, is an old troll-like nature spirit. According to local lore, he roams the lands of Nipfjallet. He’s generally good-natured and protects the place and those who wander within it. However, he can be mean and mischievous toward people who disrespect the land and its creatures.

A statue of the Nipgubben stands along Bergevägen. He’s slightly hidden, but those who know where to look will spot him standing guard over the countryside.

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The statue is near the Idre magic hill road, about 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) away from the town.

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