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Nensi the Leganés Monster

Leganés, Spain

Many miles south of Loch Ness, a similarly-named sea monster stands at the center of a roundabout. 


When the owners of a new mall decided to decorate the access roundabout, they commissioned the famous sculptor Eladio de Mora (better known as “dEmo”). The artist planned a big fountain and a play on words: Leganés, like Lago Ness, and its monster.

The fountain is kidney-shaped, with palm trees rising around it and two monstrous creatures at the center. The artist chose a local comic character, “Nensi” and took a sea serpent as a model, rather than the usual plesiosaur. He also added a baby with her. When the statue was first unveiled, de Mora told the newspaper El Mundo, “I put another monster mainly because the fountain was very empty with only one animal.”

Both monsters frolic playfully in the water. The monument, which was made using polyester resin and broken tiles (a technique known as trencadís) was inaugurated in 2009.

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The "Leganes monster" roundabout is located at the intersection of Av. Reina Sofía (or Av. Puerta del Sol, also referred to) with the M-425 road, just to the southeast of the Plaza Nueva Mall

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