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Montville, Connecticut

The world's largest indoor go-kart racetrack is hiding in Connecticut.  


At a typical amusement park, go-karts have low speeds and the track is small and flat. But just outside of New London, Connecticut, the go-karting experience is taken to a whole new level with a massive, multi-level track and carts that zoom up to 45 mph in a sprawling 110,000 square foot facility.

Supercharged, located in southeastern Connecticut, is the largest multi-level indoor go-karting facility in the world. With 19 horsepower, its “supercharged” karts, introduced in January 2018, allow you to accelerate through the speedway’s straightaways, steep ramps, uphill climbs, and hairpin turns at a top speed of 45 mph.

Every cart is electric, meaning that you can whiz down the slopes, zoom under the bridges, and swerve through the sharp curves without the unpleasant smell of gasoline.

The facility has two separate quarter-mile tracks. Go-karting novices will prefer the less challenging semi-pro speed track, while karting connoisseurs will prefer the faster, more competitive pro-speed track. On Thursdays, these tracks are combined to form the Supertrack, which stretches half a mile and can accommodate 28 karts.

Also found at Supercharged is an 8,000 square foot trampoline park, a cafe, and a bar. But don’t worry: Each rider must be tested with a breathalyzer before the race begins. Its unique offerings make it stand out from the eight other action parks in the surrounding area.

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