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Muzeum Alchymie (Alchemy Museum)

A museum of alchemy and a basement laboratory all housed in an ancient building in a Gothic tower. 


Turning lead into gold for spiritual enlightenment on the quest for the Philosopher’s Stone: this is the goal of the alchemist Michal Pober who runs the Muzeum Alchymie in basement of the Sankturinovsky House in Kutna Hora.

Descend the dark staircase into a basement laboratory that looks like a combination of Snape’s office and a high school science fair, filled with cauldrons, vials, potions, poster board explanations, and life-size dioramas of alchemy in action.

Although the museum itself is a curiosity, full of the history and practice of alchemy, the true gem is its curator Michal Pober. On a slow day, Pober will escort guests to the gothic tower where worship and rituals take place. With a view of Kutna Hora behind him, he gives a history of the city, the country, and himself as it pertains to alchemy. He is one part Merlin, one part mad scientist, and one part wizened professor, spinning passionate and animated tails of mysticism, early chemistry and an Alchemist Prince for as long as you are willing to let him.

Know Before You Go

In the main square Palackeho Namesti, in the same building as the Tourist Information Centre

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