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Modica Way

An alley way dedicated to graffiti and street art is a constantly changing street gallery. 


Richard B. “Rico” Modica Way is a public walkway in Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, connecting City Parking Lot 5 to Massachusetts Avenue.

Partially covered by a colorful plastic “stained glass” canopy, Modica Way is also an open-air, 24-hour art gallery. One side features a black and white photo collage of people and places around Central Square, installed by the city. The other has been set aside for use by graffiti and street artists, and is constantly updated with fantastic, colorful paintings both large and small.

A favorite stop for photographers with its ever-changing landscape, the walkway has shown work from nationally known artists Shepard Fairey and Enzo & Nio, and it’s not uncommon to find local artists at work when you visit. 

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Between 567 and 565 Mass Ave in Cambridge, MA. Accessible from Mass Ave or from City Parking Lot 5 on Bishop Allen Drive. via MBTA: Red Line, 1 Bus Rte, or many other bus routes, to Central Sq.

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