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Vaïssac, France

This miniature Paris, built out of trash, is one man's two decade labor of love. 


Frenchman Gerard Brion has spent almost two decades of his life on a single project. He has recreated his very favorite French city in his backyard and garden area. Amongst the flower beds is an immaculately detailed model of the city of lights made completely out of rubbish. Brion used cardboard, soup cans, and baby food jars to create his miniature masterpiece.

Brion started his project on a much smaller scale, as buildings sprouted up around his backyard. However as he spent time building recreations of the largest and most famous Parisian landmarks the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, Brion’s passion for the miniature city grew. As this passion grew, so did his tiny metropolis; today in his backyard one can see most of Paris.

Occasionally Gerard Brion lends small portions of his masterpiece to a Parisian museum that focus in miniature models. For the most part however, he likes to keep his city complete among the flowers and insects in his own backyard.

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