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Miniature Moscow

Back in the tiny USSR. 


Take a trip back in time with this 400 square foot model.

Created in 1977 by 300 workers for the 60th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, Miniature Moscow is a very detailed depiction of the USSR’s capital. The 400-foot model is a scaled piece of propaganda by Russian diorama artist Efim Deshalyt that was designed to be visited, admired and ultimately exhibiting that the Soviet Union’s capital was more magnificent than any Western capital.

An elaborate lighting system makes the model very realistic, with every window shining with illumination, there are lighting variations between daylight and night time. Even the windows of the boat on the river are brightened. Sadly, no Soviet backing the exhibit is now losing money, mainly due to the high electricity costs to keep it lit. Some workers wouldn’t mind seeing it destroyed, finding it a waste of space and electricity. While the model is no longer visited by loyal party members, it is still enjoyed by curious tourists who want a peek of the Soviet Moscow of yesteryear.

It is currently for sale with an asking price of $3 million dollars.

The model is currently on display in the elegant Hotel Ukraina (Radisson Royal Hotel).

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