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Man Meets The Sea

Esbjerg, Denmark

Four alabaster giants contemplate the tides on the shore of Denmark. 


Unveiled in 1995, the quartet of sculptural titans known collectively as the art piece, Man Meets the Sea is a timeless tribute to man’s contemplative nature. 

The piece was designed by Svend Wiig Hansen, and is meant to have a universal appeal to represent all of man as opposed to any one ethnicity. The huge, 27 foot tall figures recall Roman colossus’ and Egyptian pharaoh sculptures in equal measure. The stark white statues are completely devoid of decoration, allowing visitors to map their own contemplative thoughts on to the figures, and their own countenances across the statues’ blankly staring faces. Although the figures may look alike, keen observers will find subtle differences among them.

Man Meets the Sea is a favorite attraction in its town of Esbjerg and the statues can be approached freely. The pure white of the statues might also seem tempting to graffiti artists, but the work is so beloved that any potential troublemakers might want to contemplate their own actions before marking up Man Meets The Sea.

Know Before You Go

Man meets the Sea is within walking distance of the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, which is also worth a visit.

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